Ultimatum not the best, but still darn good!

I saw the Matt Damon thriller Bourne Ultimatum this weekend and came away quite impressed – it’s easily among my top 5 favorite movies of 2007. But, you probably could have guessed the film’s individual merits by reading the countless positive reviews it has received leading up to and through its massive $70+ million opening weekend. The consensus though is that Bourne Ultimatum is the best in the series. Not by my estimates, and here’s why (Note: There may be spoilers):

And the best chase scene goes to…Bourne Supremacy: Each of the “Bourne” movies has a signature chase scene (this 3rd installment actually had 2 good ones). So, given that it’s easy to compare and contrast these scenes, my favorite is still the Mercedes G-Class chasing Matt Damon in the Gazz Volga in Bourne Supremacy. The build-up and the pacing of the musical score is perfect during that scene, which starts off on foot and ends up with a massive tunnel crash – the scene is flawlessly shot and the stunts intricately coordinated.

Action vs. Drama: Let’s be honest, if “action” and “drama” were strapped into a “Bourne” motorcycle, action would have its throttle cranked and drama would be holding on for dear life. In Bourne Supremacy however, the action takes a back seat at points and the balance makes for a more complete story – where you can relate better with the characters and get to see some of Jason Bourne’s vulnerability (which Matt Damon does a great job with as an actor).

Speaking of vulnerability, or lack thereof: Jason Bourne is superman in Bourne Ultimatum. He takes on a handful of assassins, walks away from horrendous car crashes, and quickly dispatches of the Moroccan and Soviet police without the hint of even a papercut (but he does have the trademark limp). BTW, I never knew it was possible to jump a dirt-bike 15 feet in the air by launching it off a tiny dislodged piece of curb on the sidewalk. The point being, part 3 will require its viewer to suspend disbelief significantly more than the other 2 Bourne movies.

All in all though, Paul Greengrass is a talented director and has made another great “Bourne” film. I’d wholeheartedly recommend Bourne Ultimatum.

If I had to grade the series in order I’d rate it:

1. Bourne Supremacy – A
2. Bourne Ultimatum - A-
3. Bourne Identity – B+


Asif said...
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Asif said...

I thought the movie was excellent! Never was a big fan of the series but really enjoyed this one. I'm even beginning to see Matt Damon as a real action star and not just as the "Good Talented Private Ocean's Syriana guy."

Only problem was the people who sat next to me. The couple was so annoying! The lady was okay bu the dude smelled like he just had kabobs or something!