Celtics Danny Ainge needs a 10 step program

We would like you to read some comments from a man who is clearly in denial. In a recent interview with the Boston Globe, Danny Ainge, Director of Basketball Operations of the newly revitalized Boston Celtics, said the following when asked about his current point guard situation:

“Here’s the thing with point guard,” Ainge told the Boston paper. “You know how much we love Rajon, and that’s really important, but Ray Allen wants to play minutes at point guard, and Tony Allen two years ago, when he had a chance to play point guard, played fantastic…and we think Gabe Pruitt can help us there. Even though we don’t want to count on Gabe as a rookie coming in and playing a major, major role, we feel very confident with him (in that) role in case of an injury. And then Eddie House has played the point, and we think Eddie is actually a very good fit playing alongside Ray or Tony. So we think we have five guys more than capable of playing the point.”

Ainge rambles on like a man who is trying very hard to convince himself that his newly minted team has the point guard thing all figured out. Not that we expected Ainge to come out and admit that he stays up nights worrying about putting his otherwise Ferrari-like starting lineup in the hands of a second year point guard – one who is coming off a rookie campaign where he averaged a paltry 6 points, 3.7 rebounds and 3.8 assists in 23 minutes per game. But, we did expect Ainge to have at least some perception of reality, admit the inexperience and severe lack of depth at point guard and put the onus on his 3 all-star veterans to show leadership on the floor and help Rando control the flow of games.

Ainge must overcome this denial and come to realize that even though the Celtics have a real problem it doesn’t mean that they are weak or a failure. Step 1, Mr. Ainge is admitting you have a problem.

Will the Celtics make it to the NBA Finals this year? Perhaps, given the fact that every other team in the Eastern Conference have their own huge question marks, but with aging superstars the window is small with absolutely no guarantees.


Anonymous said...

No talent Ainge is the luckiest man in the world!

Anonymous said...

I hate the celtics but lets face reality they could win the title coming out of the west. theyre stacked. they are gonna crush through the east very easily.

Juste said...

celtics are back. not only will they crush through the east they will win the championship.