Grey Matter...maiden voyage

As the title suggests, Grey Matter is all about my mind's musings. Whether it's sports, cars, video games, life, etc. Aspiring to be read and realizing the short attention spans in the 'netverse, I'll try to keep my posts bite-size. Unless of course, I choose to wax poetic on some particularly touchy subject -- I don't expect that to happen too often. So today, on my mind is the Kevin Garnett to Boston trade. Or more specifically, now that we've got the trio of Garnett, Pierce and Ray Allen firmly entrenched in "bean town" it got me thinking, what is the greatest trio of teammates ever in the NBA? Here's my short-list from best trio to the relative worst:

1. Magic, Kareem, Worthy - 80s Lakers
2. Bird, McHale, Parish - 80s Celtics
3. Dr.J, Moses Malone, Maurice Cheeks - 80s 76ers
4. Jordan, Pippen, Rodman - 90s Bulls
5. West, Chamberlain, Goodrich - 70s Lakers
6. Isiah, Dumars, Vinnie Johnson - 80s Pistons
7. Cousy, Russell, Bill Sharman - 50s Celtics
8. Shaq, Kobe, Horry - 90s Lakers
9. Barkley, KJ, Chambers - 90s Suns
10. Mullin, Richmond, Hardaway - 90s Warriors
11. Olajouwan, Drexler, Pippen - 90s Rockets


Asif said...

You really believe Isaih/Dumars/Vinnie Johnson(wasn't he the stunt double in like every zombie movie ever made?) were a better trio than Shaq/Kobe/_____ (enter you choice (I'd pick D.Fish or Glen Rice)? Don't forget, the 2000 Laker team was seriously looking to break the 72 win mark before some late season injuries kept Shaq out (they still won 67). And the next year, they were on Allen Iverson OT three pointer away from finishing the season on a 24 game win streak!

b4hoops said...

There are two problems with putting the Lakers trio ahead of the Pistons trio.

1. The Lakers "trio" is not really a trio at all. Judging by your own post, a third member of the trio can be shuffled in and out with any number of Lakers that alongside Shaq and Kobe. Sure, the dynamic-duo is great and is well ahead of Isiah and Dumars, but I was talking a triumverant of outstanding players, and the Lakers barely fit that criteria.

2. Defense, or lack thereof. The Pistons backcourt trio is one of the best defensive units on the list -- despite being undersized. The Lakers' trio, other than Kobe's stellar play on defense, simply don't D-up. Shaq will get you some blocks, sure, but he's never been considered great defensively. And, Horry, Fisher or Rice -- whoever you'd put as the third member -- are all significantly deficient on defense. Fisher, who was considered the best defender out of the bunch got lit up by Mike Bibby of all people.

Not saying it's not a close call -- I had some real trouble organizing the list from 1-11 -- but the Pistons just come out slightly ahead in this case.

Asif said...

Objectively speaking... you are wrong.

No seriously... the Pistons - if you remember correctly - were just an overly physical team that played really ugly basketball defensively. On the other hand, the 90's Bulls (though I hated them) played great team defense. But I still think Isiah and Dumars were superb. My cousin Vinnie had as many good years as he did zombie-like eyes (2 or 3). So if we're comparing the combination of 3 players (strengths and weaknesses being countered by each other) there are VERY few I'd take over Shaq / Kobe / and anyone. Fish got lit up by Bibby? So what? Who won the series? I don't see you riding Byron Scott for getting smoked by Isiah in the 88 Finals when he scored 40 something on a busted ankle!