In The News: August 21, 2007

Time Warner has apparently stepped up talks with the NBA to take charge of all operations at the league’s flagship NBA TV network. Currently only available as part of the sports package through most cable systems, Time Warner management may help bring NBA TV into the basic digital cable lineup, thus increasing the network’s viewer-ship significantly. However, before that happens, producers and executives at both the NBA and Time Warner need to take a very close look at the programming available on the network. Sure NBDL and some international games are fine, but the network needs more programming focused on nightly highlights, in-depth analysis, player interviews and behind-the-scenes access – and it wouldn’t hurt to send a broadcast crew to some of the summer all-star games that draws big basketball names to the court during the off months.

No more room in the NBA? There have been a lot of decent NBA free agents looking for jobs this summer, seems more than usual. Wondering why? Perhaps Draft Express has the answers.

Did you know that Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert is also behind those obnoxious commercials for the Fathead giant wall stickers? Did you know that the recent struggles of his other company, Quicken Loans, has nothing to do with the Cavs not signing even one free-agent this summer?

So now that Michael Vick has entered into a guilty plea, once he’s out of jail will he ever play in the NFL? Sporting News seems to think so, and we tend to agree. Of course, this is all contingent on what NFL commissioner Roger Goodell does. If he chooses to ban Vick for life, then Vick might as well use his time in the penitentiary library wisely and study up on a new trade.

Surprise, surprise. San Diego Chargers running back Ladanian Tomlinson’s NFL jersey leads all in sales. We were hoping that former Maryland Terp and current Denver Bronco Dominique Foxworth would be on the list. Guess his jersey came up just short.

Autoweek has posted an updated article on the future of various Lexus models. Interestingly, the article seems to confirm that the new Lexus “supercar”, which we covered in an earlier post, will be called LF-1 when it goes into production, and will be all-wheel instead of rear-wheel drive.

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