Jermaine O'Neal fakes amensia

Indiana Pacers star Jermaine O’Neal backtracked today on comments that he made over the weekend on his desire to play alongside Kobe Bryant for the Los Angeles Lakers. Even his agent, Arn Tellum, felt compelled to step in and unequivocally deny that his client even thought about a move out of Indiana. (I guess Sports Illustrated and ESPN reporters cheated off each other to come up with O’Neal’s quotes on his desire to leave Indianapolis).

There is definitely something happening behind the scenes. Whey would O’Neal’s agent feel compelled to vehemently deny his client’s wishes to be traded, a mere day after O’Neal himself voiced in every which way his desire to play for the Lakers? There are two possibilities 1) O’Neal is hoping to get an extension from the Pacers after his contract expires in 2 years or 2) O’Neal wants out. It certainly isn’t the 1st option, since O’Neal even went as far as to say that even if he isn’t traded this summer or before the deadline, he would probably opt out at the end of this 2007-2008 campaign and seek greener pastures.

The clear analysis then is that O’Neal’s agent is in full damage-control mode and is attempting to keep on-going negotiations under wraps, while at the same time trying his best to protect the Lakers’ interests – because if the feelings of longing between O’Neal and the Lakers is mutual and public, Larry Bird will have no option but to attempt to fleece Lakers GM Kup-cake for all that he is worth. It will be increasingly difficult for Bird and his Lakers counterparts to pull off a fair trade.

So, will the trade happen this summer or even during the season? Only the Lakers, Pacers, O’Neal and his agent know for sure. But, all signs point to a strong possibility.

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nazem2323 said...

Would like to see JO traded to LA bro. Bot KB and JO are at the point in their careers where they would sacrafice their individual talent for the pursuit of a championship.