Soccer star says, I’m not gay! (not that there’s anything wrong with it)

A Brazilian soccer star named Richarlyson is telling anyone who will listen that he’s not gay. Really, he’s not. Honest.

The comical drama, which could rival any daytime soap opera, began when a local newspaper reported that a prominent player in the Brazilian league team Palmeiras would soon come out of the closet. Palmeiras manager Jose Cyrillos Junior went on television soon thereafter to deny that any current players on his team is gay, but he did throw a passing jab at Sao Paolo FC player Richarlyson before signing off. Cyrillos insinuated that Richarlyson was almost hired by Palmeiras and perhaps he was the subject of the vague newspaper report.

Now this is where the story takes its greatest and most inane turn. Richarlyson, like any wrongly accused, red-blooded citizen would do, took Cyrillos to court. But, the judge took things to a whole new level by issuing a ruling that suggested that Richalyson leave the game if he’s homosexual.

"Not that a homosexual can't play soccer," said Judge Manoel Filho. "He can, but he must form his own team and federation, setting up matches with those who want to play against him."

The judge ordered Richalyson to defend himself on the same television program on which he was originally accused by the Palmeira head coach.

And, what does Richalyson’s mother have to say about all this?

“My son does not have this kind of problem,” she stated emphatically.

Mother knows best.

On an unrelated note: The steaming rivalry between Thailand and Mexico goes way back to the days of….well yesterday, when a crazy brawl broke out among players and then fans at a World University Games (did you know there was such an event?) soccer match. Four players were red-carded, fighting broke out in the stands and fans threw water battles on the field. (Fun times)

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