McLaren planning a successor to the legendary F1?

Long-time collaborators McLaren and Mercedes recently parted ways, partially stemming from the relatively sup-par sales and performance of the joint Mercedes SLR McLaren supercar project. But apparently, that fall-out isn’t stopping either company from moving ahead on the development of two brand new supercars. According to rumors coming out of Europe, Mercedes will begin work on a successor to the SLR with new partner HWA (a company made up of former AMG division heads), while McLaren is pretty far along on the development of the successor to the legendary McLaren F1.

There are bits and pieces of news on the so-called McLaren F2 streaming out from a variety of sources, including a 7-page article in the latest issue of the UK-based CAR magazine. Apparently, the F2 can trace its origins back to the relatively cheaper, at least compared to the $1 million F1, P8 sports car that the company was building along with Mercedes – this project was separate from the development of the SLR. Given the current fall-out between the two companies and issues with the P8 car’s engineering, that specific project was scrapped.

But, from those origins came what is now being called the P11, which is the supposed code-name for the successor to the McLaren F1. The P11 will get its power from a highly sophisticated V-8, the development of which will rely heavily on McLaren’s current F1 technology, just as the original V-12 powered F1 was originally based on Formula One cars of its era. The McLaren F2, it is also rumored, will be mid-engine rear-wheel drive, two-seat coupe with a full carbon fiber monocoque body frame.

McLaren is planning to best the industry leading acceleration and top-speed numbers (0-62 in 2.5 seconds and top speed of 253 mph) established by the Bugatti Veyron, which would be truly astounding indeed. The McLaren F2 could arrive as early as 2010.


Anonymous said...

SLR McLaren is my favorite car of all times..judging by the imgages of this new supercar..it doesnt look too good..but I hope McLaren live up to their expectations...

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