It's hard being Kobe Bryant

Interesting read here, with Los Angeles Times sports writer T.J. Simers doing his job being a reporter and asking the tough questions and Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant doing his best to keep his own mouth shut. Judging from his comments Kobe is clearly frustrated. But it probably has to do as much with the constant barrage of trade and Lakers related questions from inquisitive reporters like Simers, as it does with the general lack of movement this summer and the state of the Lakers thus far heading into the new season.

At least, for the first time all summer the interview did produce some significant news. Kobe was somewhat definitive when asked if he’d report to training camp when it starts in a few weeks.

“I’m not making it an issue anymore,” Kobe told the LA Times. “I have no reason not to be (at Lakers’ camp).”

Plenty of professional athletes in various sports have demanded to be traded and have held out of training camp to make sure those demands are met – several have done so successfully. So, given that precedence, if Kobe Bryant is so adamant about leaving the Lakers then why does he soften his stance with every new interview? There has to be some serious activity happening behind the scenes, in terms of trade talks that could net the all-star teammate that Kobe so desires. For all Lakers fans, let’s hope so.


Asif said...

Simers is a glorified tabloid writer. You can never take ANY of his articles seriously because all he does is incite his targets by insulting them and then write articles about how his victims got angry. He's absolutely useless. The L.A. Times has one of the worst sports writing teams on Earth (not everyone on there is bad but when you have Simers and Plaschke on the same paper your average goes WAY down) and would do well to send him back to whatever swamp he crawled out of!

wish this site had worked:

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

it's hard being me...having to watch his antics to keep his popularity. Kobe, you are just a ordinary person that plays basketball. You are no better than the John Doe on the streets of LA.

Asif said...

I sent the previous post to the lab and they did a quick hand-typing analysis. Seems the poster is of a Chinese-American background with a strong liking for volleyball (and other "hand related sports"). He is also in the process of creating a Yao Ming site but is waiting for his subject to reach some sort of relevance.