The Super Bowl gets in touch with its "softer" side

We were having a very productive and enjoyable Friday here in the nation’s capital, until the moment we happened to stumble across this gem of a news story. It seems that the NFL has tabbed do-it-all, metro-sexual Ryan Seacrest of American Idol fame to emcee a red carpet event at this season’s Super Bowl. Apparently producers at Fox Sports are working with the NFL to funnel all celebrity arrivals through what is sure to be a vomit-inducing red carpet extravaganza during the network’s pre-game show.

Generally, we have nothing against red carpet shows when it’s tied appropriately to the Golden Globes or the Oscars, but the Super Bowl does not need a freakin’ red carpet and celebrity watching! The Super Bowl is a bellwether event for manhood and it doesn’t need to be “prissied up” by Seacrest and a celebrity red-carpet show. We understand the motivation to jazz up the generally snooze-inducing pre-game show with new ideas and segments, and the apparent need to appeal to a broader audience, but let’s try other options like more behind-the-scenes access with the players. Or, perhaps recruiting a comedian like Chris Rock (I’m sure he’s not very busy these days) to take a tongue-in-cheek look at the rules of the game, its history or its most outrageous characters. That’s what football fans want, not Seacrest.


Asif said...

Stop hating just because they picked Seacrest over you AGAIN. I know the two of you audition for pretty much the same things so I know it must be difficult always losing out to him... but come on, just shake the guy's hand and say "congrats!"

b4hoops said...

Although your "man-love" for Seacrest is admirable, I would think that most football fans wouldn't want to see a celebrity red-carpet show during the NFL pre-game.