Gilbert Arenas caught cheating

Gilbert Arenas PwOns at Teh Halo 3! Or, at least that’s what he’d like the Xbox Live community to believe. Apparently, Agent Zero has been setting up fake online games of Halo 3 to boost his game stats and Xbox Live game rankings. But, of course the gaming community wasn’t having that, as some gamers on Halo 3 developer Bungie’s online forums pulled out their pocket protractor and ruler to triangulate the deviousness of Arena’s cheating ways. Word spread like wildfire, as it’s prone to do on the Internets, prompting Washington Post sports blogger Dan Steinberg to pose the question to Gil himself.

Steinberg wrote on his blog:
"Gilbert," I asked, approximately," Are you creating dummy games with two fake friends and using the wins to rack up experience points?"

"Yeah," he said, laughing. "Yeah."

"It's a glitch," he explained. "It's a glitch in the game. I seen some kids that were like 600s, they won 600 Halo games and we only had that game for two weeks. And all the kids go to school. So I'm like, 'What the hell you all doing?' And they said that's what they doing, two-on-two."
If Gilbert Arenas cared as much about winning at basketball as he does about winning in Halo 3, maybe he’d learn to play defense instead of playing video games all day.

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